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As a romance author, I often get asked where I find my inspiration. Tricky question. And no the answer isn't my own life. Well maybe, it rubs on my writing and my stories, but no, the inspiration comes from a place I can't even name.

What if I told you, I don't always have a say in my characters' journey. Like they're living in some sort of dimension and my writing give them the right to express themselves. To tell me everything about their journey.

I once watched a TED talk about Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, where she talked about elusive creative genius. If you haven't watched it yet, take a few minutes. Click here to access it. She summarized the concept so well. As if the story is sitting there is waiting for you to materialize it. And that's exactly how I feel when I write and get into the zone as I call it. When my fingers type so fast I can't stop them even if I try. Even if dinner is ready, or I need to go to bed. Because if I do, I might miss it. And it won't come back again.

Sound silly? Maybe. But for the first, when I watched that clip, it resonated with me. Like the writer part of me didn't feel awkward anymore. It was happening to other writers too.

Emmanuelle Snow romance books emotional realistic soulmates

To go back to my questions, I'm certain my stories all have a part of me. My person, my soul, my mind. They also have a part of my own relationship. Respect, love, soulmates. My past, everything I ever went through is also one of the main ingredient. I don't alway see it, but I know it's there. As is my present.

I often write about sensitive or very emotional subjects, and once again, it comes from a place deep within. It's usually after I read on the subject in a later draft (I never read about it first and wait to see where my words will take me first), that I realized how I know about topics and they vibrate inside me while I ignore their source.

Sound silly? Again, maybe. But it's something really beautiful to have a character somewhere inside you that you don't even question their motives and mindset because you're living them yourself through him or her as the pages add up.

Have you ever done something in your life you felt was coming from deep inside you and you couldn't explain, but it was so natural, you had to ask yourself how it could be?

Someone once told me that's when you know you're where you're suppose dot be in life. So I guess I really found my way. How about you? Are you where youR'e supposed to be?

Have a great day!



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