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Do You Read Standalone Books or Series

Do You Read Standalone Books or Series

Are you a book series or a standalone type of reader? Duets, trilogies, interconnected standalone books. When you read romance novels, which format do you prefer? 

Each one has its pros and its cons. I could say the same with cliffhangers, or opened endings when you have to imagine what happens next because the author won't tell you.

Every romance reader can picture this happening. You read a book, it's not your favorite but still, you're decided to get through it. And somewhere around 80%, you realize there's just a slim chance you'll get an ending, unless it's rushes (which let's be honest, we don't want. Never).

You heart rate picks up, pearls of sweat graze your nape.  Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you get to the "end" and realized you gotta read at least another (if it's not four more) to know how the story will end.

If you had known it would be a trilogy, a series, or a duet, would you have picked it up?

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If you had to choose just one, would you rather pick a book part of a series or a standalone novel?

Standalone books are perfect when you want a story with a beginning, a development, and an ending. You know once you're done, that it's done.

Easy, simple, straight forward.

If you read series, you have two options: interconnected standalone books and multiple-book series. The latter are the ones with many connected books going from duets, to trilogies, to even longer series, where you gotta read all books to get the beginning, the development, and the ending.

I love standalone novels because I know what I'm getting into.

I also love interconnected standalone novels because when I finish a book, I'm not always ready to say goodbye to the characters I grew to love. (Note: It's the same when I write. I always add a bonus chapter or some sort of bonus epilogue, because it give me one more shot to end that relationship with the characters that lived in my heart for a long time).

But sometimes, I really love long series when you gotta read all three, four, or five books. As long as the story isn't dragged for the sake of adding more books, I'm all in for it. But like a TV series that have ten seasons, it requires a little more dedication.

What do you prefer?

Are you a mood reader, or do you stay away from series no matter what?


And if you're an author, what do you prefer to write?

Have a great day!



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