(Emotional Romance) Book Hangover

Are you one of those readers who like to read books that stay with you emotionally well after you read the last page (Hello Book Hangovers!) or are you a what's next on my TBR kid of reader? 

Have you ever read a novel for like 6 hours straight only to forget all about the storyline or the name of the main characters by the next day? Even under torture and brain raking, you just couldn't recall any of it at all? Yeah, I'm sure it happened to all of us at least once (if not multiple times). And there are those books that no matter what you do, you can't forget them (even under torture! *insert winking emoji here*). Those that leave you with a book hangover that's hard to move away from.

Book hangovers are my favorites. After all, if I spent six or even fifteen hours reading a book, I want it to have some impact on me. I want to remember the ride. I want the emotions to be so intense, they stay with me, and make it hard to pick the next read.

I want a book to speak to my soul. Don't you?

Emmanuelle Snow realistic emotional romance author book hangover

When the emotions are raw and the pain or love the characters feel is so real, you have a hard time remembering it's all fiction, that's when a book becomes more than a book. It becomes an experience. You're so engrossed in the story you can picture yourself living it. Their emotions become yours. Their journey becomes yours too.

Sure, some days, I'm in the mood for something lighter. Simple entertainment that won't make me bail my eyes out or check the locks of my door twice before going to bed. Like any rom-com on TV, some stories are meant to not leave an imprint on your soul, and it's okay.

Like a best friend. We love one who challenges us and makes us the better versions of ourselves through joy, pain, laughter, and sadness. But we also all need that friend that will entertain us any day of the week and with whom having a good time is in his or her DNA.

 And you, how do you like your books to be? Do you prefer emotional romance books that live with you for the longest time or quick emotion-free reads that you can easily forget and go to the next one?

Have a great day!



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