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Okay, let's be honest here for a second. 2022 has been one hell of a year. Positive or negative? Something I'm not quite sure. So far I've grown up a lot as a human being and an author, that's for sure. But some of the challenges I went through are still on my can't-decide-the-outcome yet. Being an author is the most rewarding job (after being a mom), but it can also be challenging. In 2022, I've spent most of my romance author life on the road. Now that's I'm settling down somewhere, I'm trying to see what the future will be like for the Snow household.

The book I'm release next November (Wild and Country) has been written and edited in two countries. Two provinces, two states. And at least a dozen different cities. Are you dizzy? Because just writing it and I am. 


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Where I've been? Across Canada, from one coast to the other, and on the East Coast of the US, road tripping with my family. Dog and cat included of course.

Some days, I wondered how I'd do it. Seriously. One draft here, notes there, ideas popping at the worst time and no time to write them down.

But as I'm writing, I'm almost down with the last round of proof reading. And thanks to my extraordinaire editor, I can say it's almost wrapped.

Addison Wilde and Tucker Philips's story was such a fun one to pen. But parts of it were hard. Like super hard. Because they appealed to realistic storyline and deep emotions I could relate to even if I hadn't went through their journey myself.

Staying focus and on time with my deadlines was the trickiest part. Long days on the road, kids being kids sometimes, no place to call home, hotel rooms, or not enough room for the six of us, the challenge has been not so easy but rewarding at the end.

Now that we moved across the country, let's hope I'll be able to offer my family and myself some much-deserved stability for the next year before we embark on a new adventure.

When you're working, do you use an office, or like me, are you able to work remotely or wherever life brings you?

How is 2022 treating you so far? Any challenge you hadn't expected you had to face? Any surprises (good or bad), that made you grow as an human? Any challenge you welcomed and other that were unwelcomed?

Have a great day!



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