Falling For The Bad Guy

I'm working on a new series. And as I'm writing, I keep asking myself: should the heroine fall for the nice guy or shouldn't she be falling for the bad guy instead?

Yes, it's a true problem. A romance author's problem for sure. Hear me out. In real life, the heroine should (always) fall for the nice guy, right? The one who doesn't carry heavy emotional baggage and who has his sh*t together. That's the logical choice, no? But what if the bad guy wasn't as bad as he lets us believe? What if he had a softer side, and his badassness his just a front to protect his heart? And cover his wounds?

 The struggle is real. Whatever we do, we always want the nice ones to win. What you cheer on a cheater, a liar, a thief, or a violent guy? Never. That's as simple as that. You'd never vote for a villain. We all want the good people as examples.

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When it comes to fiction, sometimes, falling for the bad guy keep things interesting. It add a layer of angst, of will they / won't they? It keeps us guessing.

As I'm writing two very different male characters in this series, each of them complex but in a very different way, I'm wondering which one the heroine will choose at the end. I never planned my stories as I let my creativity flow and see where it takes me, so right now I have no idea if she'll choose the dark one with a trouble past and a heart of gold, or the happy one with a clear future who's run by his heart and optimism. One is moody and cynical. The other one is funny and sees the good in people. 

When you read a romance book or watch TV, do you prefer when the dark hero wins and with the help of others and love can transform his life? Or do you prefer when the nice one, the one who's been there for the heroine from the very beginning and has supported her through her entire journey wins her heart?

I wanna hear your thoughts. 

And we'll have to wait and see who my heroine will choose this time around? 

Have a great day!



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