Love Song for Two series

Love Song For Two is an emotional and realistic, soulmates romance series that will send you on a roller coaster of emotions that will live in your heart well after you read the last page.

Sam Stevens had everything he could ever ask for: a loving wife, great children, and a career that propelled him to the top. Until one day, his wife leaves him and their two young daughters without an explanation.
Now single-dad and heartbroken, Sam puts his own dreams to rest to be the best father figure for his children. Enters Riley Burns, manager extraordinaire, and one of his best friends, who convinces Sam to give his career another try. With the help of a sassy and younger nanny who will love his daughter as hers, he agrees to go back on tour.

Can Sam find the balance in his life back, but mostly, can love save his soul and bring him back to the top where he belongs?