Midnight Sparks
Midnight Sparks
Midnight Sparks
Midnight Sparks
Midnight Sparks

Midnight Sparks

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He’s the stranger determined to change my mind after I landed in my worst nightmare. Will the temptation and blazing chemistry we shared be the end of me or the beginning of something new?

Holidays on an island, far from the carols and sugar cookies. Yes, please. Sign me up now.
Until I get dumped into my worst nightmare, with no way to escape.

My perfect non-Holidays vacation now doesn’t seem so perfect anymore.

But then I meet him. Tall, handsome, caring. And asking me to partake in the tinsels and Santa madness.

After an event that changed my life, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love again.
All I can offer is a vacation fling. He agrees, but little did I know he has other plans in mind. And his plans involve taking my heart hostage.

I’m not ready for love. And I fear I’ll never be. But he insists we’re good together. The worst? I can’t deny it. Even if I won’t admit it. Not to him. Nor myself.

Maybe, just maybe, I should let myself imagine a future with him.

With him by my side, can I survive through the two most awful weeks of my life and put the past where it belongs? Behind me?

Note: Midnight Sparks was previously published as Stars and Country

Midnight Sparks is an inspirational slow burn romance in the Carter Hills Band universe. Find your favorite characters from the Carter Hills Band's world in this heartfelt novel about second chances and true love. For a better experience, read in the suggested order.

*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

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Midnight Sparks is perfect for the readers who love alpha males, strong women, funny and witty banter,  celebrity, rockstar and country music setting, spicy books, strangers-to-lovers, neighbors to lovers, forced proximity, grumpy x sunshine, emotional, realistic, slow burn, second chances, Holidays and Christmas cheers, vacation and island setting, hot and steamy sexy times, friends-to-lovers love stories

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet, Steamy, Heart Melting Read

After country music star Aisha has an awful experience at Christmas a few years ago she can’t deal with it anymore! Not the Christmas tree, Christmas carols or other peoples joy. Which is why she takes a holiday every year to hide away from it all. When she arrives at her tropical paradise hotel she couldn’t be happier, unfortunately things don’t quite go to plan.

Aisha has to transfer hotels and the only one with room is where it’s Christmas all year round! Staff in Santa hats, Christmas tree decorating competition, peppermint cream for your coffee and candy cane curtains. It’s her worst nightmare come to life…….. or is it?

In walks Gavin! After receiving a stay at this Christmas paradise from his sister “to bring out his Christmas joy”he bumps into Aisha at breakfast and they hit it off straight away.

They start spending time together and they get on so well, the witty banter between these two was just brilliant, the chemistry is off the charts so Aisha asks Gavin to have a holiday fling with her. Gavin does hesitate at first because he realises how good they would be together but he soon finds he just can’t say no! This is where the steam really ramps up, alcohol, chocolate sauce, ice cubes. I’ll say no more 😉

Their relationship seems effortless, like they’ve known each other for years but have the spark of the honeymoon phase.

Things rarely run smooth in paradise and that’s the case for Gavin & Aisha. Aisha just can’t seem to get over her past and hurts Gavin by running away! Thankfully this does have a HEA!

This is a sweet, romantic, Christmas read with a bit of angst and a whole lot steam thrown in. It’s slow/medium burn with insta love vibes and some laugh out loud moments.

Would definitely recommend

Edie L Lea
Great read

Stars and Country by Emmanuelle Snow
This is a sweet Christmas romance. Ok I know we are a bit early but in my opinion no you can never be you early for a Christmas romance. This is Aisha and Gavin’s story and it’s one you won’t want to miss. It is the fifth book in the series which is a great series and if you have not read them I don’t know what you have been doing because they are good. Ok. A mi to this particular book. Aisha is supposed be on her perfect vacation which I need right about now anyway she is on her perfect vacation when an unexpected flooding happens in her luxurious room. Like what the heck right so unfortunately she has no other choice but to relocate to a Christmas resort. A freaking Christmas resort which is Aisha’s worst nightmare. I mean come on she is trying to get away from all the holiday craziness. This is where we meet Gavin. Gavin is sent by his sister Cam who thinks he should go to a place that screams Christmas and all it’s magic which is something that Gavin seems to be lacking. This is where all the fun begins. The chemistry between these two is instantaneous and it jumps off the pages off the book. This was such a great read and I can’t recommended enough. It has an amazing storyline and amazing characters. Highly recommend.

Ms. Snow has never, ever disappointed!

"My soul is sad when you're not around."

Oh my goodness, excuse me while I calm my heart from yet another emotional read written by Ms. Snow! Gavin Moore fits in perfectly with all of her other men in the Carter Hills Band world.

I have come to expect the emotions that will flow through me with any of Ms. Snow's books and Stars and Country was no exception. One thing I did a lot more with this book than others in the series was find myself laughing or chuckling out loud. If you have read any of her previous books you know she can get the tears flowing and her men are not afraid to show their emotions with tears but there were so many cute little moments throughout this book.