The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle
The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle
The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle
The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle
The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle

The Ultimate Carter Hills Band bundle

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A total of 11 interconnected books in the Carter Hills Band universe at an exclusive discount price.

Emotional love stories that will play with every string of your heart.

All books are part of the same interconnected world. 

1. False Promises;

2. Sweet Agony;

3. Cruel Destiny (book #1 in the Second Tear duet);

4. Beautiful Salvation (book #2 in the Second Tear duet);

5. Wild Encounter (book #1 in the BreathLess duet);

6. Brittle Scars (book #2 in the BreathLess duet);

7. Last Hope;

8. Midnight Sparks;

9. Fallen Legend (book #1 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

10. Rising Stars (book #2 in the Lonesome Heart duet);

11. SnowBound (preorder).

Read in suggested order above.

*Due to mature subject, most books are suitable for people over 18 years of age.


I slumped down on the couch of the posh hotel we were staying all weekend and huffed, a wine bottle hanging from my fingers by its neck. Glasses were overrated, anyway. “That's it. I'm over men. I'm done.” My childhood best friend snickered. “I'm serious, Dah. This time I mean it. You know I do.”

I scanned the space around me. Large windows with a direct view of Nashville's busy streets below, high wooden beam ceilings, dark flooring, and handcrafted wood furniture. Chic and tasteful, with an unmistakable country vibe.

“Yeah, right. I'm sure you won't last a week. Two at the most,” Dahlia teased.

My friend, and the bride-to-be, inched closer, and I zipped her up. Her cut-out mermaid gown was a gray-lavender hue and looked both sexy and demure, showing just enough skin without being indecent. Perfectly Dahlia Ellis.

Before I could return to my lazy position on the couch, she beckoned me with a finger to follow her. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I glugged the wine straight from the bottle and watched her apply mascara.

"Addi, there are good men out there who would appreciate your light. Don't punish all of them because you dated a few who were total dickheads." She grinned at her reflection. But it was meant for me. And it warmed my heart as she continued, “I'm confident you won't last in your quest to ignore them all when they turn on the charm.”

"Laugh all you want, girlfriend. You'll see. Be prepared to be shocked. This time, I'm not backing down. Anyway, remember Felicia from college? She messaged me last week. It's destiny."

"The one you ‘experimented’ with?" my friend asked, curving her fingers into elaborate air quotes, her gaze fixed on her eyelashes in the mirror, not sparing me a look.

Another sip. "The same. We could have been in love and lived happily ever after. The timing was just not right."

"Huh, you said the same thing about Carter once. Besides, I thought women weren't your thing," Dahlia added with a quirked brow.

“It's not the same. And perhaps I changed my mind. Who knows? I might be into women more than men after all. Think about it, we should have been a couple, you and I. Everything would have been much simpler.”

"You think?"

I shrugged. “We get along fine. And we're friends, so our relationship would have had a solid foundation. Look at you and Nick. Friends, then lovers. I believe that's the secret to long-lasting love. Back to business...” I sighed. "Felicia and I experienced some pretty memorable moments together. It's just Shawn happened to cross my path, and I couldn't resist him. Stupid me. Stupid men. I'm telling you their species is old news. You're lucky you found two awesome ones in your lifetime. What are the odds? God knows I've tried. I usually don't back down easily, but hey, maybe it's time I try something else. That I understand once and for all what life has been trying to tell me all these years—"

Dahlia shook her head, focusing her attention on me for the first time since I started the conversation about my disastrous love life. "Addi, you know how much I love it when you're not being overdramatic."

I poked my tongue out, and we both burst out laughing. Peace washed over me. Dahlia Ellis had that effect on me. Her presence was enough to ease my doubts. And bring a curve to my lips even when I didn't feel like expressing joy. “That's why you love me. I'm entertaining. Despite myself. Anyway, where are the bridal shower festivities taking place? I can't wait to party the entire weekend. The distraction will do me good."

Dahlia reached over and landed a kiss on my cheek, her eyes searching mine. Worry shimmered in them. "You okay?”

I nodded.

"You'd tell me if it wasn't the case, right?” I sensed the apprehension in her question.

"Always. You're the only one I willingly confide in."

With a warm smile that promised everything would turn out just fine, she went back to applying her makeup. "All over town. Tonight, we're having dinner with only the people closest to us. And tomorrow, a get-together with some of my good friends and the guys on a yacht before splitting up and maybe meeting them again later."

"Rewind for a sec. We're having your bridal shower with your future husband and his friends?”

"Yep. His best friend. Guys from work. That's the idea."

"Yeah, I should've been the one organizing the whole thing." Dahlia raised a hand, ready to argue, but I kept going. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry I let you down. I was really looking forward to throwing you the bachelorette party of the century."

A new weight grew heavy on my shoulders. In the fog of my latest relationship blowing up, I had lost focus on what really mattered. This time, my tears had knocked me out more than ever. But I was back now. And no way was I failing the girl I considered a sister again.

Dahlia pulled me into a hug. "It's okay. Don't chastise yourself. It'll still be fun. And you did plan most of the wedding already. You deserve a night off. To enjoy yourself. You, me, booze, music. And the man I love and his friends."

I leaned back, studying her for a moment. Dahlia had no ounce of evilness in her. She really meant everything she'd just said.

"What is it?" she asked, a frown marring her forehead.

"Real sweet, Dah. After I told you I was done with men, you're going to make me spend hours with a bunch of Nick's buddies. And alcohol. If I didn't know your heart, I'd think this was a test. To check my newfound determination." One more sip of the wine. Be strong, Addi, I repeated in my head. I flicked my hand and pasted a smile on my lips. "Know what? Doesn't matter. I won't back down. I'm done with men, and I'll prove it to you. Tonight. I won't flirt, and I won't kiss. Nope. Nada. D.O.N.E. Just watch and learn, girlfriend."

I held out my hand, and we shook on it.

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