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We never promised each other forever. But life had other plans for us. What if our night together in a stranded airport was the first chapter of our story? Can we find our way back to each other, or is our happily ever after doomed from the start?

I met Anderson Ford four years ago when we spent a night together stranded in an airport due to a blizzard, the night before Christmas Eve. We shared more than just our hopes and dreams that night, we shared our souls.

The only thing we didn’t share was our full names.
He was Andy, and I was Abby.

Now I’m older and wiser, and I’ve come a long way since that night. And I’m finally ready to aim for what I desire the most in life.
The only thing I haven’t taken into account is my heart factor when I bumped into the man who stole my heart all those years ago.

Will we be able to pick up from where we left things that Christmas, or will the secret I’ve been keeping to myself all this time ruin our chances to be together?

Emmanuelle Snow writes realistic and emotional love stories that will bring you on a roller coaster of emotions. You'll want to be best friends with her heroines and have her heroes to rock your bed and take hostage your heart. Hello, book boyfriends!
Every one of her books will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and leave you with a book hangover by the time you reach the last page.

If you love Nicholas Spark, Colleen Hover, Laura Pavlov, or Mia Sheridan, you'll adore the worlds Emmanuelle Snow creates.

Son and Country, an inspirational stranded in an airport, second chances, and slow burn romance, is book eight in the Carter Hills Band romance series. All titles in the series are standalone novels that can be read in any order. For a better experience, read in the suggested order.

Son and Country is an emotional rollercoaster that will transport you on a journey that will stick with you well after you read “The End”, and is filled with hot steamy chemistry sexy times, banter, forced proximity, and an emotional reunion that will leave you speechless.

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Son and Country (A Snowed In, Second Chances Romance)

*Due to mature subject, this book is only suitable for people over 18 years of age.

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Son and Country (Carter Hills Band New Adult Romance) is perfect for the readers who love alpha male, strong women, billionaire, celebrity, rockstar and country music setting, spicy books, strangers-to-lovers, love at first sight, emotional, realistic, slow burn, second chances, small-town setting, hot and steamy sexy times, friends-to-lovers, men in uniform romance

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