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The guy I met one night as we were both stranded in an airport and wished I'd meet again is standing in front of me.

For years, I've rehearsed what I would tell him if we'd ever meet again. And now that life finally put us on each other's path after all this time, I don't know what to say. 

Til this day, our night together is still the best night of my life, but a lot has happened since we walked away from each other that morning. I'm not the same Abby I was back then. And I doubt he's still the same Anderson Ford, rock star to be, I remember.

As secrets are exposed and we just learned we'll work together, we gotta figure out how to juggle our new reality. Together. After going through the hardest years of my life, I've finally bounced back and I'm aiming for my dreams. I'm not ready to lose them all. But I'm not ready to lose him either. One was one too many times already.

Can we learn to be in each other's life and make it work in the long run, or was our love story doomed from the start?

Broken Link is book two in the Two of Us duet and part of the Carter Hills Band universe. It is book four in the Love Song for Two series. Must be read after SnowBound.

My eyes hurt from the lack of sleep. I’d been up all night, searching the internet to find the one person on this earth I didn’t know the name of. I rubbed my heavy eyelids with the sleeve of my hoodie, hoping to clear my now cloudy vision. I swore my brain had decided to see everything in dual frames. A thick fog enveloped my mind, making it hard to think straight.

Every social media platform I could think of, I’d checked numerous times.

How many Andrews about my age lived in this country? Way too many. It was a lost cause. A conclusion I came to minutes ago. He could be anywhere around the world right now.

I sighed.

Soon I would have to resign myself to my fate and go through this alone. On. My. Own. I scanned the space around me and took in the pile of boxes my best friend Ellie and I had emptied last week, and my eyes brimmed with hot tears. A wave of sadness washed through me. Exhaustion settled in.

I had promised myself I would find him. And I had failed.

Rivulets of my sadness cascaded down my cheeks, and I let them flow freely, too tired to even patch the broken pieces of my heart and the dam that ruptured.

How did I become such a failure at nineteen? I wasn’t even out of my teen years, yet my life seemed all set to derail. In more ways than I could count. And I was all alone for the ride.

Ellie left before dinner. She took a flight back to campus.

She didn’t have to come all the way to Tennessee for me after I broke the news to my parents that I’d withdrawn from college for now.

She didn’t have to help me set my new life on its tracks either. Or even fly here once more and unpack my stuff when I moved here.

Ellie didn't have to fill the refrigerator of my new apartment with healthy options. And she didn’t have to stop by the store to pick up colorful decor items to give this place a little character and make it lovelier than it was. I told her I’d pay her back. Eventually. And she pushed the idea with a flick of her wrist. “My treat,” she had said. Something that she often repeated these days whenever it concerned me. Or my screwups.

No, Ellie didn’t have to do any of those things. But she did. From the selflessness of her heart. And I’d forever be grateful she stuck by my side. Because no one else did.

To add misery to my already complicated existence, I was now failing at the promise I made to myself. To get hold of the one person I had to talk to. To confide in about everything. Be honest. And tell the truth. And yet, he was the one who didn’t seem to exist. As if my brain had created him one night. And he’d evaporated in the morning light.

Fresh tears blurred my vision.

Pulling at the fluffy purple blanket Ellie got for me for the not-so-pretty brown couch that came with the apartment and wrapping it around my heaving shoulders, I curled up on the worn wooden floor that must have looked fancy in its earlier years. Now it just looked old. And sad. Like me.

Even though I tried, I had no more fight left in me.

These days, every effort felt harder than it really was. I was constantly exhausted, but I tried to push a little more because I only had myself to count on. And being tired wasn’t an option.

My body let go first. But even in my dreams, my mind was restless.

Images of our time together waltzed behind my closed lids.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured through the raw lining of my throat. “For everything.”

And that was when my brain lost the fight too.

I would be all right. I had to be. What else could I do?

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