Romance readers, are you a Carter Hills Band's fan? Take the quiz

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My name is Emmanuelle Snow and I write emotional, realistic romance books that will tug at your heartstrings and bring you on an emotional rollercoaster. Romance readers, how can you tell if you're a Carter Hills Band's fan (the name of my first book series)?

Let's find out!

1. Do you listen to country music (or music in general)?

2. Do you love small town romance books?

3. Are you a fan of slow burn romances because they seem more realistic than insta-love?

4. Do you like stories with complex characters who have to fight for what they want and deserve instead of being handed everything without even asking for it?

5. Does your heart beat faster when you get to that steamy and spicy first scene in a romance book?

6. Do you prefer genuinely nice guys (even if they are flaw) to bullies and tyrants?

7. Do you like your heroines with a spine and independent instead of doormats that will accept anything life (and men) will throw at them?

8. Are you always up for a second chances, a strangers-to-lovers, or a friends-to-lovers romance book?

9. Do you prefer a novel to be only on the longer side instead of small ones that end with cliffhangers?

10. Do you get invested emotionally in a book and feel like the characters should be your best friends or love interests?

11. Do you like books that give you a hangover after you've read the words, The End.

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you could be a Carter Hills Band's super fan!

Carter Hills's real life fanclub is growing!

And I'm so excited!

Carter Hills Band x Emmanuelle Snow authormerch

If you wanna know more, read the description below, or find out all about those amazing characters that will steal your heart. 

Carter Hills Band is an emotional second chances soulmates romance series. One that will play with all your heartstrings, and that you'll want to read in one sitting.

Carter Hills is a country music superstar about to start his solo career now that his band is a memory from the past. He has everything he wants in life—fame, money, and success—but his love life is a disaster. Being at the top has never felt so lonely. The only woman he has ever felt something for doesn’t share his feelings. Sure, she loves him, but as a friend. Yeah, he has been friend-zoned. For good this time. His life changes when a bubbly and colorful woman rent the cabin next door to his for a month.

Will Carter risk opening his heart to her, or has he been hurt too many times already?

The Carter Hills Band series follow him, his ex-bandmates, and their entourage as they all are searching for love and to give a sense to their lives despite their fame.

If you enjoy raw emotions, sizzling moments, relatable characters trying to overcome their flaws to reach their goals, lots of heat, banter, and steamy chemistry, you’ll enjoy Emmanuelle Snow’s series.

Get the small town feel in this strangers-to-lovers series where strong women meet alpha males with a sweet side, all ready to fight for their happily ever after.

Other books in the Carter Hills Band series:


You'll like Emmanuelle Snow's books if you love emotional books, realistic characters and storyline, small town romance, second chances romance, vacation romance, rock stars romance, dramatic and emotional romance, stranger to lovers, celebrity, girl next door, neighbors to lovers, coming of age, new adult, mature young adult, brother's best friend, friends to lovers, military, contemporary romance, grumpy-sunshine, best friends, strong and independent women, sassy love stories, country music romance, country girl, Nashville, the Smoky Mountains.


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