Romance Books: Are You a Dual POV Fan?

In romance books, there are single, dual, and multiples POVs. There are books written in the first person, other in the third person, present and past verb tenses. So many options. Are they all born equal?

Growing up, I was reading thrillers. I love everything about cops' stories and solving murders. Those books are mostly narrated in the third person form a single point of view (POV). But then romance authors started writing in the first person and in dual POV. And then I was hooked. 


Romance books narrator POV Emmanuelle Snow

In my opinion, all romance books are not all born equal. Do you agree or disagree?

Verb tenses:

Present, past, this one gets a free pass. Sure, I prefer romance novels written in past tense than those written in present tense. I'm having a hard time explaining why but I feel something is missing when written in the present sometimes. But it doesn't bother me that much and after a few pages, I can just ignore the present tense if it's well written, well edited, and the story grabs me.

Do you have a preference?

Can you switch from one to the other or does it actually make you nuts when a book isn't written in the tense you prefer?



I'm not too annoyed by this category either. I love many books written in only one point of view, but I also really like the dual point of view. It makes you feel like you're in the story. You become those characters. Get in their heads. Understand them and why they act the way they do. 

I have a slight preference for dual POV, mostly in romance.

I have yet to read a thriller with the second POV being the villain. That would be interesting enough. 

Do you also read multiple POV? I know it's popular in the RH (reverse harem world) because there are so many people involved (!!). But it doesn't always add to the story and it can get really bulky at moments. So unless it's absolutely necessary, I prefer one or two POV. But if it adds some extra layer and depth to a book, then bring it on. 


First vs Third Person:

Okay, that one is the trickiest in my opinion. 

I'm okay with the third person in most genre, except romance books.

There's just something that gets on my last nerve. I've tried. And I'm still trying. And there are great romance novels written in third person. As for the singe vs dual POV, I love when I'm in the character heads. When I feel their emotions, and the way their brain work. I love when I can pretend for a few hours to be in their heads. In romance books, I don't want God to narrate the story, I want the characters to.

Do you agree with me or disagree? Why?
I'd like to hear you. Let me know what you think.


Have a great day!



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