Emmanuelle Snow crafts the perfect book boyfriend. What does he look like?

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Do you often feel like book boyfriends are the real deal? Do they steal your heart from page one till the end? My name is Emmanuelle Snow, and I write the perfect book boyfriends. Yes, that's a job I looove a lot! Readers of small town, second chances, or rock star romance books, I have you covered.

If you could describe your perfect book boyfriend in just a few characteristics, would he have a deep voice, tattoos, wear glasses, or work construction? Would his hair be dark and messy, long and curly, or cut close to his scalp?

As a romance author, writing the perfect book boyfriend isn't always easy. Readers expect a lot of those perfect men. And I won't settle for empty characters, bullies, or manhandling beasts. No, I portray strong men, with flaws. Hard-working men, with a sweet side. Alpha types, with an emotional baggage. 

Yes, my book boyfriends will be caring one minute and cry the next. Because I love them real. The more realistic, the best. When they mess up, they find a way to fix the chaos. When they're angry, they learn how to say sorry.

Through the pages of my books, you'll reach a point when you'll wonder if those characters are real or fictional. Because you'll want them to bring you on a date, or rock your world with steam and spice. 

So let's build your perfect book boyfriend now.

There's a rule, though. You can only pick 3 characteristics from the list. What will they be. Choose wisely.

You can opt for an intelligent, tattooed, dark features male, or an adventurous in bed, beard, perfect dad.

Book boyfriend Emmanuelle Snow romance author Carter Hills Band series

So tell me, how do you like your book boyfriend? 

Can you think of a book character that has all three? 


Whether you love Carter Hills, Riley Burns, Nicholas Peterson, or Gavin Moore, I'll write you a book boyfriend you'll want to marry. No kidding! And if I haven't written him yet, don't worry, he's coming.

If you don't know them, believe me, you have to meet these men, they'll rock your world through the pages (steam guaranteed!!!!).

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Have a nice one!



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