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My name is Emmanuelle Snow, author of emotional small town romance books. I like my stories to be so realistic you'll always wonder if they are fiction or reality. 

Why? Because I love when thing, people, and stories are real. Feel real. The world can be a crazy places sometimes, but there's always good out there. Even when sometimes it feels like there isn't, or it's all buried so deep, it's hard to find. or to grasp.

Pink and Country is the first book I've published (June 1, 2021) but not the first one I've written, and it became a bestseller on Amazon on it's release month. Yay me! Just before publishing it, I hadn't planned back then to write the Carter Hills Band series

But I fell in love (hard) with Carter Hills and April Simmons and all their friends and decided I wasn't done telling their heartbreaking but also heartwarming journeys toward love and happiness. 

I sat in front of my laptop. and three days later, I had written Dahlia Ellis's story, Princess and Country. The words kept pouring and the entire time, I feared I wouldn't be quick enough to grasp all of them. Crazy, right? Magic was happening before me on the screen, sending my heart into a frenzy and tears to my eyes. 

And then, I put on the back burner my other works in progress, completely dedicated to Carter Hills and his ex-bandmates and friends. 

Now that Whiskey and Country has been publish last month, I'm working on the next books in the series. I can't wait to published my other series anxious to get published too.

To celebrate Whiskey and Country release, I even designed a shirt for all books (and whiskey and country music) lovers! Because let's be real, I'm a country music fan, and paired with a good book or a tumbler of whiskey, you get the perfect trio.Emmanuelle Snow author T-shirts whiskey country music and books

What's your favorite music to listen to when working or reading? And your favorite drink? Let me know. I looove fruity cocktails! And Bloody Caesar. 

Have a wonderful day!



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Book tropes and themes I write about:

You'll like Emmanuelle Snow's books if you love emotional books, realistic characters and storyline, small town romance, second chances romance, vacation romance, rock stars romance, dramatic and emotional romance, stranger to lovers, celebrity, girl next door, neighbors to lovers, coming of age, new adult, mature young adult, brother's best friend, friends to lovers, military, contemporary romance, grumpy-sunshine, best friends, strong and independent women, sassy love stories, country music romance, country girl, Nashville, the Smoky Mountains.


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