Movies and TV Series Inspired From Books

Do you watch movies and TV series inspired from books or do you prefer to not watch them because they tint the reading experience?

Most readers I've been talking to prefer the books to the movies and TV series. While I agree, sometimes, I've found little gems on TV and when I read the books afterwards, it didn't reach my expectations.

And one of my ultimate dream, is to have one of my books, or all of them, adapt into a movie or a series! 

Emmanuelle Snow author small town YA romance books

Lately, my kids have been sick. I've been sick. And reading wasn't high on my list of priority. But while waiting for my children's fever to drop, I watched more TV than usual. And I found a movie and a series inspired from books that I quite like.

If you're on Netflix, you've probably seen Along For The Ride (movie) appeared lately. I'm reading the book right now but I'm not far enough in to decide if I prefer the movie version or the printed version.

I'm an author first so I tend to watch movies and read books with an author POV. It's not always the best lens to watch or read something because I can get highly critical. But hey, what can I say!

Anyway, the movies was really good. It didn't have loose ends or plot holes that felt like they had to remove parts of it to fit into a certain time length so the characters do things that aren't clear or explain and it gets confusing. Too often, when a books get adapted for the screen, the missing parts are just too obvious and it just ruin the experience.

The second one is a series on Amazon Prime. The Summer I Turned Pretty. I really love it. Beach vacation, two boys, family drama. Everything YA books or movies should be like. In case you didn't know, everything Young Adult is a weakness of mine. 

And if you're a big Taylor Swift fan like I am, you'll be charmed because she sings most of the soundtrack.

And hey, even the husband of mine loved it. Again, I got the books but I haven't started reading them so far. At one point, I need to work on my own books. Three weeks of fighting viruses, I watched too much TV and ended up reading like 5 or 6 books too. Reach out if you want my new favorite titles.

I'm back behind my computer now because the Carter Hills Band series isn't done yet. I have two new titles coming to you this fall. And I'm so excited about those. 

Pre orders are live on your favorite book retailer and my own website if you wanna check them out. 

Wild and Country: Best man - maid of honor romance with lots of heated banter, sizzling chemistry, steam, packed with emotions.

Legend and Country: rockstar, age gap, second chances, single dad romance with all the feels and steam, that will bring you on an emotional ride.

What's your favorite book/movie adaptation?

Have a wonderful day!



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