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Have you ever heard of the book boyfriend withdrawal symptoms? Because I'm telling ya, I'm pretty sure it's a real thing. If you've checked Bookstragram and Booktok accounts lately, you know what I'm talking about. 

First, what is a book boyfriend? A book boyfriend is the main character you fall head over heels over while reading a novel and tend to forget he's fictional. That he doesn't exist in real life. But you can't get out of your head and compare every man you meet expecting him to just appear and sweep you off your feet.

Sounds familiar?

I know it does. Because, as readers, we all experience this at least once in our lifetime. And as authors, we get that sense of pride filling us when readers are messaging us telling us they wish one of our characters was their friend or lover because they can't get enough of him or her.

It happened to me with my debut novel.

His name: Carter Hills

His profession: Country music singer

Emmanuelle Snow romance author book boyfriends emotional read

People are always messaging me telling how hot he is. Sure I love him, I penned him. And he owns a special chunk of my heart (please, don't tell my husband!!), but I never thought once he'd get the love that he obviously deserves to that extend.

Do you have a book boyfriend? Once who stole your heart and you can't let go of?

Tell me, who is he. And what makes him special? If it's a book girlfriend, I wanna know too.

Then I wrote Hope and Country and then Whiskey and Country and readers were like, "okay, I love Carter, but Riley and Nick, how can I not love them either!"

As an author, I love to write realistic characters and male characters are some I love to make complex, and vulnerable all at once. And I believe that's why readers get so attached to them. My men curse, but they cry too. They love (hard), and are trustworthy and hard-working. They are flawed. They aren't perfect, but they learn to get better. And they believe in second chances and love.

Let's play a little game. Build your own book boyfriend using the characteristics below. 

Emmanuelle Snow author romance book boyfriend

I think would be: Intelligent, great in bed, and funny.

Maybe next we should build our book best friend. Because, those two are easily to get attached to, no?

Have an amazing day!


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